Gear List

               Camera Bodies

         Most of my professional interior work is carried out using the Canon 5D Mark III Body. So its my Primary Professional Go to Body. I am very happy with the Performance of this beast, Due to its long legacy the Lens choices and accessories available for this body is quite amazing.

My go to body for video, with its smooth high frame rates and in body stabilization this is going to be my first choice for video for the coming years.

          People are always worried about the Lenses to buy, Camera bodies, Megapixel Fights, Dynamic Range Capabilities and so many arguments. For me before I go to the Lens sections I wanted to give importance to the items listed below. They have helped me produce images in many occasions with ease that I cannot live without these anymore. Shooting cityscape can be quite challenging as many rooftops may not have the Best in class service for your tripods. And the Security Guards may not be happy with your Big Sized Tripod " If you use a Tripod you must be a Professional".

My ever trusted Panasonic 12-35mm lens for Videos

My current Work horse on Real-estate, Interior and Landscapes.16-35mm

Interiors look better in 24mm but when using 70mm It looks even better, Trust me Try it out!!!

Use them on Rooftops, to get Clusters of Concrete or Details on Structures.

When the Load is less heavy

Work Horse Will serve me some more time till I move to a Twist Lock

Helps me Move light during Cityscape Shoots and Scouting Locations

Heavy Carriage Wheeled, Helps in Taking off Quiet easily.

Works wonders when Wireless Tethering.

Lots of them to create dynamic result in interiors.

Best investment for triggering my Speedlights and Studio Strobes in the future.

Its equally important to control light as to spread light.

Really Right Stuff Multi-Clamp

Sunwayfoto Tabletop Tripod combined with FB-28i head

Really Right Stuff Pano-Gimbal head for Mirrorless PG-01

Levelling Base from Sunwayfoto to provide 14 degrees + or - on uneven Mounting.

Only for Landscapes and Fine Art.

Buy one of these NiSi Professional Kits and Never miss a Filter on the Field.

The Final Encounter is always with my MAC Book Pro.

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